In order to participate to the HP1 invitational tournament, the player must have a valid account on the HP1 website. URL: http://helloplayer.one/ Every participant is bound to enter into the event using their game account that is used to participate in the HP1 profile.


Fabian "iamsuperdry" Rindlisbacher


George "Geo" Peters


Single Elimination


This Maplist follows Valve’s official maplist (April 2020) Any major active map updates or layout changes will be reviewed within the same time frame under admin discretion. Decisions to use or revert changes on maps will be made prior to an event starting.


  • Freeze Time - 15 seconds
  • Round Time - One minute and 55 seconds
  • Start Money - $800
  • Side Selection - Team B in veto process picks sides
  • The team with the most alive players at the end of the round picks their side
  • In case of a draw, a team will be randomly selected to pick their side
  • Overtime MR6
  • Overtime Start Money - $16,000
  • Overtime Side Selection - in overtime, teams first play the side they last played in regulation


All forms of cheating at helloplayer.one events are forbidden and will see some form of punishment dished out.

In some circumstances, evidence will be submitted to us from third parties or other event organisers and we will review such evidence. If we find the evidence to be serious enough, we will take further action on the players in question.

We do not take kindly to players who try and cheat in order to win, and implore players to respect the competitive integrity of the esports ecosystem.

Here are some of the other examples of ways to gain advantages, this list may not be the full list but if players are unsure of certain things, they should seek to ask the tournament admins first.

  • Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade, and Hand Grenade Bugs - it is illegal to use any flash bang, smoke grenade, or hand grenade bugs, regardless of intent.
  • Silent Bomb Plants - ALL bomb plants must be done in a position where your opponents can hear you.
  • There should be no rotation in players to gain money advantages throughout a match.
  • The bomb must be planted on solid surfaces on the map, ie where an opponent can defuse from, so not up in the air or floating.
  • Illegal Bomb Defuses - No player can defuse a bomb through any other solid object on the map, it has to be done in clear view. It is also forbidden to try to intentionally distort your hitboxes during a defuse situation to prevent an opponent from killing you in game.
  • Walking/Boosting through walls - No player should walk, boost through walls or roofs. To do so will see your team penalized for that round.
  • Map Exploits - Boosts that include the use of clipping are strictly forbidden. The term “Clipping” defines that when a player is boosted can see through certain parts of the map (ie over/under walls, or through solid objects on the map).
  • If any player or team feels unsure on a new advantage they have found through their practice sessions, they are welcome to show this specific spot to the tournament team to review. Any player or team that does this will be treated to the strictest confidence as not to jeopardize your strategic advantage, however we can rule on whether it is a legal move. We strongly advise teams to give us plenty of time ahead of an event so we can review it in good time and make good judgement on it.


All players must be ready in the server at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time unless a match is already in play on your server (in which case, speak to a game admin for further instructions). Any team that is not ready by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will lose a map in a Best of 3 Scenario, or a round in a Best of 1 scenario. This is to enforce that teams play within the schedule the admins set.

If a team does not have at least 4 players in the server 15 minutes after the scheduled match start, they will forfeit and the opposing team will be awarded the win for that match. If only 4 players are present in the server, the match will begin after 15 minutes.

Continued delays will result in the whole match being forfeited and the team causing the delay will be disqualified from the tournament (which may result in loss of attained prize money).

Acceptable reasons for missing the scheduled start of a match are: - Server failure - Power failure The allocation of teams will be decided via a knife round.


In the event of server failures, please contact a game admin who will advise further.


Agent skins are banned from use for the duration of the tournament. It is advised any agent skins are unequipped prior to beginning the tournament. If you fail to do so, the opposing team can request you remove the skin at the cost of a pause or disconnect.

Bringing up this offense after a match has concluded will not result in a penalty. Players are expected to raise the issue live to the offending team or an admin.


In-game Names/Avatars should not contain any offensive or racist content. If you come across a player breaking this rule then please submit a ticket with relevant evidence to the game support system(Screenshot/Recording) to our discord (https://discord.gg/zyY4nVU) so action can be taken against the player in question.

This ruleset is subject to change at any time, last updated April 2020